DSC_1964_01Dr. Chi-Shing Chan, D.M.D.

Born in Hong Kong, China, Dr. Chi-Shing Chan graduated from the University of the East, Manila, with a Doctor of Dental Medicine. He has passed both the Hong Kong and the British Columbia Dental Boards. He has been practicing dentistry in Richmond, B.C., since 1996. Read more about Dr. Chi-Shing Chan at the ClinicBook.


Dr. Bin Tan, D.M.D.

Dr. Tan is the associate dentist at Brighouse Dental.  She has recently joined the Brighouse Dental staff as of June 2012. She received her dental education from the School of Dentistry at McGill University in Montreal.  She was previously a Medical Doctor in China and served as an internal medicine resident for three years before immigrating to Canada in 2001.